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Renovating your home with P+G Builders

We believe in taking a hands-on approach with our projects, managing every aspect throughout each stage of the building works. 

With our 40+ years’ experience in home building, extension and renovation projects, we can provide you with expert advice on the options available and what will work best for your home.

P+G Builders - Our process - planning

Initial consultation

We are able to assist you from as early as when you are considering what type of works would be most suitable for your home.

Concepts + design

We can meet with you and provide you with advice on the options you have available to you, and put you in touch with one of the architects and building designers we work with, or we can work with your designers.

Preliminary costings

On completion of your concept drawings, we will produce for you a preliminary cost estimate. We produce this cost estimate using our experience with similar projects we have carried out in the past. This information is produced at this early stage of the design works to ensure the works are consistent with your financial expectations.

It is common for there to be a few revisions at this stage to finalise the concept design and costings.

Finalise design

The design drawings can now be finalised with the confidence of knowing your design is within your financial expectations. The drawings will now be prepared to submission for approval stage. Engineering drawings will be prepared as will any reports required for the final approval.

These drawings and reports will be issued to you for your final approval.


Once the drawings are completed we can then start to prepare your quotation. At this stage we will ask you to sit down with our joiners to design your kitchen, laundry and any other joinery items that may be required. Select a window and sliding door style and manufacturer. Select the fixtures, fittings and appliances needed to complete the works. As well as any other prime cost item’s required. We will assist you with these selections by offering products and suppliers we most frequently use.

By making these selections at this stage you are not locked in to them. Our experience has shown us that by making these selections, now, rather than using allowances for these items in the quotation, there is less chance of unexpected cost overruns, when you are well into the construction phase and therefore have limited options to resolve the problem. We have found any changes to the original selections are made with a full appreciation of the cost impacts and are usually minor.

Authority approvals + appointment of building certifier

The final drawings and reports will be submitted to the certifier, appointed by you, for approval. This process usually takes approximately 4 to 5 weeks.

On approval they will now proceed to the stage of “for construction” and be ready for us to build from.

Preparation + signing of contracts

On acceptance of the quotation we will prepare the contract and contract documents. These consist of an industry standard form of contract, the approved plans and reports, as well as the selections and their costs that were included in the quotation.

Construction works phase

The works begin!

The survey and set out will be the first works carried out. The ground works will follow as well as the in-ground services.

The base brickwork will be laid on the footings and the concrete slab will be poured or bearers and joints will be placed and the structural flooring placed.

Frames and trusses will be placed next, windows and sliding doors fitted, external facade completed and roof covering placed. We have now achieved lock up stage.

At this stage the building is secure and waterproof. We can now break into the existing house to complete any demolition works.

All internal framing is now completed and the services are placed in the walls. All walls are prepared for plasterboard linings and insulation is installed.

Plasterboard, villaboard and cornice is fixed in place. Wet sealing and tiling to the wet areas can now begin, as does the hanging of doors and all the timber trims are fixed in place. The kitchen and laundry joinery are now installed and the bench tops are fixed in place. The painters now start and on their completion the fixtures, fittings, appliances and all services are installed, completed and tested.

Practical completion

We have now reached practical completion. This stage is reached when the building can be used for its intended purpose. This means there may still be some minor works to complete. So you haven’t gotten rid of us yet!

Complete all works on site

We have now completed all the works including the minor works and have rectified any defects that have been identified. The cleaners will now do a final clean and we will remove any excess building materials, rubbish and equipment.

The works are now complete!

Defects liability period

The defects period is 90 days from the date of practical completion. In this stage you have the opportunity to check all the works for any defects that may arise. On completion of the 90 days, we will contact you to go through the defects and we will then arrange to have them rectified.

The process is now complete!

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